repair man fixing a dryer

The washer and dryer function as a major appliance in may homes. The use of these machines is practical and serves to save you and your family valuable time. Being the premiere provider of appliance repair in Kent is an honor. We believe our clients are the reason our humble company is able to succeed in our community. We value the honesty of hard work and infuse this into every project that we are part of.

Element Thermal Fuse

Element thermal fuse repairs are something we commonly see when called to assess a dryer repair. We will first of all come to assess the level of damage and give you a clear and honest verdict on the possibility of repair. We know that beating around the bush and promising repair when its not possible is unfair and impractical. We skip this unnecessary dance and give you straight answers so you can go along your day and do the things you enjoy.

Heating Element

Heating element repair is another task that is commonly handed to us for repair. We see this due to the igniter involved in the machine. We have our team well versed in this repair and we promise to use the absolute best processes to repair your heating element. As always, we first assess the needs of the broken appliance before any quote or work can begin. We pride ourselves on our honestly and will stay true to any quote given for work assessed. If additional work is needed through investigation or parts not originally quoted additional service fees can be applicable.

Belt Breaks

Whether you have a large family with lots of laundry or you are environmentally conscious and like to do less loads, we all overstuff our dryer. Unfortunately this can cause problems for our dryers. When we load in excess in our washer and dryer we put strain on the belt that rotates the drum. This can cause a break in the tool and that means you now do not have the convenience of your washer/dryer. We suggest avoiding this potential break is the best way to protect yourself. Hang to dry delicates or do multiple loads and this hassle of a belt break will not haunt you in the future. Call today for one of our experienced repairmen to look at your belt break and provide a free quote.

Heat Pump (washer dryer combo)

Washer dryer combo can be a convenient solution for many families or individuals. Be sure you know the proper maintenance of your machine and read instruction manuals to optimize your efficiency. If your heat pump goes in your washer dryer combo give us a shout to assess the machines and give you an affordable quote. Be sure your professional appliance repair technician is qualified in this type of repair. Ensure you receive the best service by the best company in Kent and call us today for all of your appliance needs.