Stove/Oven Repair

man examining an oven

Everyday millions of people in the developed world cook and prepare meals for themselves or loved ones on or within a stove or oven appliance. We seldom stop to appreciate the making or function of these machines and how our lives might be hindered should they become faulty. At Appliance Repair Kent we understand that not everyone is knowledgeable to the parts and particular functions of a stove or oven appliance, yet understanding ‘how’ to use it is relatively simple. This is where we come in. We are the local experts on all things appliance repair. We consistently further our understanding and knowledge within a rapidly changing and evolving industry. Let our certified, trained experts allow to guide you in the maintenance, install and repair of your household appliances.

Defective Heating Element

A telling sign of a potential issue is if you noticed one or a section of one defective element. This could be caused by a variety of issues ranging from various categories. Our experts will perform a range of test to do what is necessary to narrow down the possibility of issues and identify what it is exactly that is causing a problem to your appliance. Trust our years of experience and ongoing education into our industry. We are bold and proud to continually invest in our teams training into the new advancing innovations amongst our industry.

Oven Temp Sensor

The oven temperature sensor is an illustrated example of something that leads to something larger. The fix of a sensor can be as simply as replacing it or even a service cleanse of the appliance. Regardless, should this reading be off this creates a problem for you, your household and possibly your business. Call us today to make a timely repair to your appliance and get it back to peak performance as soon as possible. Often times it may be a small tweak of the sensor or removal of clogged material. In this case, because we value our client’s relationships, we will not burden you with a repair bill but provide educational material on how to avoid such examples in the future.


As with the refrigeration unit, the thermostat is an important part to the overall use and function of your stove or oven. The temp sensor provides information to the thermostat, which in turn performs automatic actions to maintain and monitor the sustainability of your device. During the repair, install and maintenance for any of our clients, we ensure to delivery only the highest and most updated procedures to your appliance to achieve sustainable durability and performance of the appliance.

Oven Control Board

The oven control board is often times faulty due to external elements or electrical faults. These cause inaccurate usage of your appliance and therefore lead to large issues. As with the trend here, each of these appliances have several moving parts that contribute to its overall functionality. Our team have several years of experience in repairing, installing and refurbishing older units – by doing this we have gathered an array of parts and expertise to solve your appliance problems. Call us today and let one of our experts guide you and your machine back to peak performance.