Refrigerator Repair

man repairing a fridge

At Appliance Repair Kent we have been witness to countless refrigeration repair calls that far too often result in the water leaks or moldy perishables. Let our team facilitate in the avoidance of this happening by consistently responding to any of your service calls or assist in the regular maintenance of your refrigeration unit. As will anything, over time, your refrigeration unit will require new parts and routine maintenance. Our team has the resources available to ensure a timely repair to your household refrigeration unit or even a commercial sized refrigeration appliance. Call our experts today to discuss how we can deliver a hassle free repair to your appliances.

Clogged Coils

A common fault to any specific refrigeration unit could be the clogging of the coils. The details about how these work can be discussed with our team experts. However a common and simple task our experts recommend is to take steps to avoid a potential refrigeration repair. This begins with regular cleaning of the condenser coils. These can easily be found at the bottom of the refrigeration unit while most times being at the back. We have found, our clients have been able to reduce the issues to a refrigeration unit by upwards of 60% when performing these simple preventative maintenance. Call our team of experts today to discuss how we can help you in prevention of a possible refrigeration repair.

Condenser Fan

The condenser fan is crucial to the full air circulation of your refrigeration unit. The fan, like the coils, will most likely be located at the bottom and/or back of your appliance. You can easily remove the cover with a screwdriver. However some units, with coils on the back may not have a condenser fan. A frequent issue we notice with condenser fans is that they can become clogged with dust, dirt, hair fibers, paper of mice. Yes, mice could potentially get sucked into the condenser fan causing a faulty fan and therefore inhibiting the coils from being cooled. Our teams have several tips and tricks, we would gladly share with our clients, on how we can help you avoid running into issue that cause ‘down’ or ‘out of service’ time with your refrigeration unit.


The thermostat in a refrigeration unit is important to its overall use and function as it gauges the temperature of the physical system and routinely performs automatic functions to ensure the stability of the appliances temperature. Should you discover a problem with your thermostat, often this can be simply rectified with a new and improved part to provide an accurate reading. If this is caught early enough, you can most likely prevent a large issue with your device. We advise that apart of your regular check ups, that you commonly review the performance of your thermostat. Should you be curious if yours is working adequately, call our team today to discuss what our experts can do to improve your knowledge and the performance of your overall refrigeration appliance.

Motor Fan

During everyday life, we seldom stop to think about all the engineering or innovation included in our household or business appliances. Yet these appliances often rest at the very core of our household or business function. Developing a simple understanding of the parts included and how to cater to simple faults can substantially increase the durability and performance of your refrigerator. However for everything else, our team of experts are happy to make a visit out to you and your machine to assess its condition and any potential need for repair.