Other Services

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Be confident in your servicemen and call KAR before you do anything else. We will be able to assess your appliance in need within a reasonable amount of time and bring a sense of ease to your day. We promise calling our professional team will be the easiest thing you do. You are free to enjoy your family and spend time during activities that bring you joy. Our job brings us joy and we take pride in our work. Let us take care of your repairs and we will be able to show you the value of Kent Appliance Repair.

Dryer Vent Clean

Maintenance is key when it comes to your dryer. One major potential cause of in home fires is the ill maintenance of your dyer vent. We all know that the lint case can fill up quickly and is sometimes easy to forget. We offer a full service of dryer vent cleaning to get ahead of the risk that excess dryer congestion can cause in your home. Eliminate the potential for disaster and be on the offence against harm. Call today for our highly trained staff to come assess the state of your dryer vent and begin your servicing today.

Commercial services

Appliance repair outfits cannot always provide commercial services. The complex nature of commercial units can mean an extra level of knowledge and expertise is required. Be ahead of the curb and call Kent Appliance Repair for all your commercial needs included gas, electric and so much more. If you are unsure about the extensive nature of your commercial repair we are able to assess the situation prior to providing a quote or starting any service on the equipment. We are confident in our commercial repair capabilities and offer a range of appliance repairs in the commercial industry.


We all have a microwave, and it comes in handy on a regular basis. Treat your highly used appliance with just as much love as your bigger equipment is provided. We know that the inexpensive nature of the microwave can mean that replacement is the solution that comes to mind. This is environmentally speaking the wrong choice, if our technicians can salvage your machine than you can make a difference to our earth. Repairs can often be miniscule and have your microwave up and running in a matter of days. We are confident in our service providers’ skills and our guarantee policy.

Range Hood

Range hood repair is a service we provide at Kent Appliance Repair. We know the useful nature of your range hood is essential to the functionality of your cooking space. We have extensive training in repairing range hood in residential and commercial settings. We provide service with a smile and guaranteed satisfaction. We want the chance to wow you with your top tier knowledge and our unparalleled repair quality. Give us the chance to earn your business by calling today for an assessment of your range hood repair.