Gas Appliance Repair

close up of a gas oven

At Appliance Repair Kent our team is not only certified with new and advancing gas technologies but we also have the most experienced repairmen in the industry. Our teams have been performing repairs to an array of gas appliances within the Kent area for many years. Our business hinges on the successful completion and repair of our clients machines. With that being said, we are committed to undertaking any and all repair jobs we may encounter. Not all jobs are the same, which is why some may take longer than others, but we are confident in our team and the resources available to us to provide a solution to you in a timely manner.


Over the years our business has been in full service of gas appliances, we have been witness to an array of repairs, maintenance and installations problems. Under the umbrella of services our team offers is the installation of gas appliances. These installations are extremely important to get correct the first time. This cannot be overstated. The potential safety issues caused by an improper gas installation can be dangerous and possibly fatal. Let our team experts to consulate with you to provide recommendation on what gas appliance is best suited for you and your needs. Whether you are installing a new gas fireplace or a new gas stove, regardless of the home or building we are installing in, we approach each job with safety as our number one concern. Let our team help you with your installation and ease your concern to delivery a safely installed gas appliance.

Safety Testing

During an installation or a repair, our team experts may be required to perform a safety test of the particular gas appliance. Whether your specific appliance is newer or slightly outdated, a gas appliance can always run the risk of a gas leak. This is single handily the primary reason we urge our clients to frequently perform a safety test and why we mandate it as standard procedure when evaluating a site. Our team will not jeopardize the safety of our clients and therefore are happy to perform a free safety test should our clients have any reason or cause to believe a gas leak may be present.

Gas Cooker Servicing

Apart of our appliances service is frequently the gas stove or cook top. Due to the recently technologic advances within the industry, many of the traditional gas devices are being replaced and the manufacturing of new gas cook tops may be dwindling. However gas cookers are still very popular and widely utilized in the Kent area. Due to the safety concerns of a gas appliance, if your cooker presents any issue, it is safer to call an expert than investigate as DIY’er. Our teams of experts are very well versed in restoring and repairing gas cookers, as we have been fortunate to identify a similar pattern in the issues that cause problems with the appliance. Let our experts bring your gas cooker back to its peak performance today!

Gas Nob Repair

A gas line into a building or house can sometimes experience damage from natural elements. At the stage of intake and output, the gas nob is a crucial control center for the amounts of gas flowing into your house and appliances. These nobs need to be professional repaired should then encounter any fault. Gas is not something to take lightly. Our team are qualified and experienced in responding rapidly to any gas inquiry.