Dishwasher Repair

closeup of a dishwash rack

Our team specializes in household appliance installation, maintenance and repair. Dishwasher technology has gained traction in recent years with more advanced technologies being implemented into the overall standard usage of the machine. This requires a thorough understanding of not just technology but plumbing and electrical. We are committed to servicing our clients in the most professional manner whilst priding ourselves on keeping up with advancing innovation within our industry. Over the years we have been fortunate to gather an array of resources that assist our team in resolving any repair call in an industry leading timeframe. We understand that, for our clients, the longer the appliance is out of commission the more frustration and inconvenience is caused to our clients. Call us today and discover the knowledge and certifications our team possesses to resolve any dishwasher repair issue that could arise.


Apart of our service is the refurbishment of major household appliances. We frequently are servicing machines that have reached their end or the cost of the repair does not necessarily economical. In doing so we have an extensive collection of parts and refurbished units. Because our team is formally certified with all makes and models, we have the expertise to service a refurbished unit or a new model that still is under warranty.

Full Service Cleaning

Over time your household appliance tend to become first hand witnesses to a demanding heavy workload. More often than not, the workload is actually heavier than a particular machine was designed for. With a dishwasher in particular there are several issues why the quality of job has deteriorated. Most commonly it is due to a severe food blockage, causing a clean that is sub par. This is caused by frequently leaving dishes or cutlery in the dishwasher with significant amounts of food or resign accompanying the wash. This food is then collected over time and causes a blockage. Our teams have encountered this and can easily rectify this with a full service clean of your machine. In addition, we take on the responsibility of educating our clients on the best us on your particular machine and the ways to ensure its sustainability overtime.

Motor Repair

The motor of the dishwasher is a more complicated and intricate problem that our team has encountered in years of servicing appliance repair. There are a wide variety of causes that lead to motor failure in a dishwasher. Rather than listing the multitude of potential reasons why your motor could fail we understand that our clients simply want it fixed. Our team has developed a process over time to respond to our client’s problems in a very time efficient manner. Our certified repair teams have the tools required to fix a job on site if possible. However should the job required a deeper dissection of the machine, we offer to remove the machine and fix it at our shop. If you are curious about a more severe issue to your machine, call our team today to discuss the options we have to provide a solution to you.

Circulation Pump

The circulation pump in a dishwasher is a crucial piece to its overall functionality. On several occasions we can simply perform an full service clean to rectify a faulty circulation pump, however should that fail, our team will offer a complete re-installation of a new or refurbished part. This can drastically improve the performance of your machine. You may notice over time the deteriorating performance of your dishwasher. Everyone wants clean dishes, so why not call us today and let us show you how we can help you.